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Grace to You
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The backdrop for the movie, Saving Private Ryan, was the horrors of World War II and the fighting in France. Captain John Miller was given a mission to lead a team to find and rescue the sole surviving brother of a family of young men who all signed up for military service, but all tragically died within a day of each other. This mission required Captain Miller and the team to cross over into heavy fighting to find Private James Ryan behind enemy lines. The theme of rescue at such a cost of effort and courage for just one young man really reminds us of the Bible’s grand narrative of God’s rescue plan for humanity. It brings to mind Jesus’ parable of the shepherd leaving the ninety-nine to find the one missing sheep (Luke 15:1-7). The shepherd calls his friends and neighbours to rejoice and celebrate the rescue of the one.

In this week’s text from the letter to the Colossians (1:1-14), we read what we are rescued from. Jesus came and “rescued us from the dominion of darkness” (v.13a). The idea of rescue is that we cannot do this for ourselves. We needed our Saviour to leave the Father and Spirit’s side to come into the dominion of darkness itself to rescue us from it. We also read that we are brought “into the kingdom of the Son [God] loves” (v.13b). Another translation uses the word “transferred” for the idea of being moved from one dominion to become kingdom citizens and sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us dwell on the cost of our rescue, but may we also rejoice as citizens of Christ’s kingdom, citizens in true Light. This is God’s amazing grace that we did not earn this nor do we deserve it, but from one undeserving citizen to you, all praise and glory be to our Rescuer!

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