Join us for our In-Person Sunday Service

In the midst of this unprecedented time, we want ensure anyone is able to join is in a format that they are comfortable with. Each Sunday we will offer both an in-person and virtual service. For more details on the virtual service, click here

Grace Church is committed to supporting a safe resumption of our worship services. We are taking precautions to protect the health and safety of everyone who comes to worship. In order to support this, we are seeking your help and asking you to use this online form:

Steps on how to attend

  1. You must register by the preceding Thursday (see registration link below). This will allow us to plan where you will be seated in the sanctuary. The registration will include a health survey in order for the church to be able to contact you if needed, and to help you pause and think for yourself how you are actually feeling. The registration also includes a time for you to schedule when you will arrive.
  2. When you arrive at your chosen designated time with a mask on you will be seated and ready for worship at 10am. When you arrive, you will be welcomed and one of our welcomers will indicate for you to come in through the foyer doors and check in at the table that will be set up. You will have your hands sanitized, given your seating number and then ushered into the sanctuary. Only sit in your assigned area and do not mingle with others. Children attending Sunday School will go immediately to room 12 after checking in.
  3. Worship with singing will be different at this time. Singing is part of how we worship as Go'ds people, as we engage our hearts through music. The worship team and myself will have plexiglass shields in place to ensure droplets are not travelling too far.
  4. Offering can be dropped off in an offering plate on the way out of the sanctuary at the end of service.
  5. At the end of service we have organized it so that we can leave in an orderly fashion through the east doors of the sanctuary, where the ramp is. This is in order to keep a unidirectional flow through the building. Please note that the coat racks in the hall and all washrooms are off limits at this time



You can fill out this very simple and quick to submit online form that will allow you to let us know you will be coming to Sunday worship this week. It is important that you register each week for Sunday worship - so please come back week to week to help us plan safely for our services.

Provided for your Information: COVID--19 Self-Assessment Tool